1. Emergency aid- COVID 19 Funds Drive

250 families supported

The CORONA VIRUS pandemic took hold a few months ago, we appealed for your help to support some of the women in prison, Formerly Incarcerated women and children in the juvenile Justice system. We are more than grateful by the response you and others gave generously to the appeal. We would like to report to you the difference we were able to make. Thank you for your support.

USD 1700 Amount raised.


250 Households supported.

Family support is fundamental to reintegration. During the COVID-19 period, Clean Start has provided emergency food supplies to 250 families of formerly incarcerated women. To keep families connected, Clean Start also provided airtime to incarcerated women in 5 Women Prisons, to call home during the COVID 19 Period.

Clean Start has also provided three online counsellors for the mental-wellbeing of formerly incarcerated women and/ or their children during the COVID 19 period.


200 Children impacted by the criminal justice system supported

Clean Start also provided 5 women prisons with diapers, children’s books and play items for 70 children living with their mothers.

Hygiene is one of the measures taken in the fight against COVID-19. Through the support of our local partners, Clean Start has provided 900 litres of sanitizer to 10 women prisons and 3- girls’ rehabilitation Schools. We have also provided female menstrual health items to 130 girls in the juvenile justice system.

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