These are stories we tell the world on behalf of women we support


Betty Khaguhia – From accountant to businesswoman making waves in the online world

Written by Audrey Masitsa Betty Khaguhia is a businesswoman and formerly imprisoned woman, a title she embraced upon completing the Ufunuo Program on the Outside earlier […]

Jane Kiio – Breaking the bias by thriving in a male dominated world

Written by Audrey Masitsa Jane Kiio is the embodiment of this year’s International Women’s Day of #BreakTheBias. The 52-year-old mother and grandmother has withstood travesty and […]

Hush Now; Child.

Little Joe lives with her in prison, until he is four and can no longer. Then, he will be under the care of the remaining family, if they are willing to. Otherwise, he will go to a government children's home.

Sarah Odima: My Journey

My name is Sarah Odima. I was a Recruiting Agent sourcing jobs for women overseas. My passion has always been, to see a woman living a comfortably, […]
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