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Pearls And Heels- Teresa Njoroge
Pearls And Heels: Teresa Njoroge
Teresa Njoroge featured on Acumen

Acumen Fellows Teresa Njoroge

A former banker from Kiambu, Kenya, Teresa is bridging the gap between incarceration and social reintegration in Kenya especially for female ex-convicts. She is the founder and Executive Director of Clean Start Solutions, a social enterprise that provides poor women and youth who have been incarcerated with employment opportunities and training programs that help reintegrate into society and break the cycle of poverty. Through her organization, she offers entrepreneurship training, character development and job placement to former inmates in order to encourage them to create profitable and legal enterprises that sustain them and their families over time. Her passion and commitment drives her to inspire generations of entrepreneurs to transcend the cycle of chronic poverty, “survival crimes” and incarceration. She hopes to expand her work and help cut Kenya’s high rates of recidivism while growing the country’s restorative justice programs.

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